Time is a thing that at some point in our lives we realize we don’t have enough of it, weather it is your wedding day you’ve planned two years for, or that 50th wedding anniversary in the latter days of your life, or the day your baby walks into the halls of his senior year of high school.  Time, it is always moving forward without the ability to hit that pause button, but with professional photography taken by The Mobile Lens you can for a moment capture that time and love in photo’s.  
Beautiful photos that become a story on your wall or desk, photo’s that become a story always waiting to be retold again, a feeling that brings you back to that moment that gave you the greatest feelings of your life, the day your baby child became a woman or man ready to etch their own legacy in the world.  
The Mobile Lens captures all those beautiful posed pictures that you always dreamed you would be the subject of, but The Mobile Lens prides itself on the diligence to capture those raw genuine moments.  The moments in real time that are unexpected.  The emotions of love shown in his facial expression the first time he sees you in your beautiful dress, or the moment he leans over and gives her that unexpected kiss.  Love is all around us and happening all of the time, so consider The Mobile Lens to capture your stories, love and moments in photo’s that will last to the end of time. Contact us for more information.

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