My wife (April) and I (Derek) are the creators and founders of, The Mobile Lens.  Together we have four amazing daughters. April works in the medical industry with 20 plus years experience.  She has a passion and love for photography.  I work in Law Enforcement and with 15 years experience I’ve had many experiences good and bad, but my real passion is people and creating stuff that create unforgettable memories.  We both have amazing and rewarding careers, but in 2020 we started feeling like our careers were taking a toll on us, with Covid-19 spreading across the world and in the spring of 2020 I suffered a life changing back injury in the line of duty.  Our children were our strength they showed us adversity is temporary and sometimes within our control.  April and I developed a famous saying with such demanding careers, “someday”.  Covid-19 and a injury gave us time with our daughters to catch up and fulfill those someday’s we always spoke of.  They made us realize that there might not be a someday and that you need to capture the moment and experience memories that will last a lifetime.  So with that we have decided to pursue or passions together with love.  The Mobile Lens helps create those experiences and capture the memories that you will never forget.

❤ Derek & April